Frequently asked questions

In our short time in business we’ve noticed that people tend to ask us similar questions.
Here we compiled our top 10 most frequently asked requests!

Do you offer vegetarian items on the menu?

Sure, we have a variety of vegetable dishes. That list includes cole slaw, potato salad and broccoli pasta salad.

Does your location have seating?

Currently, we are only able to offer carry-out services. But we will be adding a seating section very soon!

Where are you located?

We are located at 2640 East 32nd Street, approx 1/4 west of Rangeline Road on 32nd Street in Joplin, MO.

What are your hours of operation?

We are open from Tuesday through Saturday and our hours are 11 AM until 7 PM

Can I Call In An Order?

Sure! You can call us anytime at (417) 952-2117 to place your order for pickup.

Can I get a steak cut to my liking?

Absolutely! While our supplies can fluctuate from day to day, we do offer custom cut steaks. Give us a call to confirm availability.

What is "Wet-Aging?"

Wet aging is a process that our vendor (Creekstone Farms) uses to age their beef. They vacuum seal the products and they are then aged for 21 days. This ensures a more tender and flavorful cut of beef.

Do you sell items ready to cook?

You bet we do… We have hand crafted items such as stuffed chicken breast, mushroom and rice stuffed thighs, and meatloaf that are ready to throw in the oven or stick on the grill.

Do you offer catering services?

Absolutely! We have a catering system and coordinator that you can speak with. You can read more about it in our Services section of the website.

Can i try anything in your location to make sure I like it?

Sure can. We will even slice any of our deli meats for you to sample to ensure it is what you want.

Any other questions? Please Contact Us